M Series Filter Elements, SS Filter Elements, Finsint Flow Filter Elements, M Series Filter Cartridges, Mumbai, India
M Series Filter Elements, SS Filter Elements, Finsint Flow Filter Elements, M Series Filter Cartridges, Mumbai, India

M Series Filter Elements


Finsint Flow - M Series Filter Element

M - Series elements here developed to replace properly

performing. Sintered powdered metal, wedge-wire, string wound and other type of cartridges. In many instances flow rates may be dramatically improved without compromising filtration efficiency in other instances, frequency of down time for element cleaning and replacement may be sharply reduced resulting in savings which can far out weight initial retrofit costs.

FINSINT FLOW - STEEL ELEMENT M-Series was developed optimized filter medium constructions which are produced by our unique laminating sintering and diffusion - bonding processes. These processes have been refined to provide maximum physical integrity with no metallurgical degradation or loss of corrosion resistance.

Element are fully cleanable and reusable, eliminating repeated cartridge replacement and, waste cartridge disposal. For cleaning procedure please contact Finix Filters Sales Office.


Finsint Flow - M Series Filter Element

  Advantages ...
Wide filtration range - 0.5 to 100 micron
  Various type of material S. S. 304L, SS 316L, Hastalloy.
  Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance.
  High operating Temperature
  Easy c1eanability.
  High strength and durability.
  Chemical Process Filtration
  Polymers Filtration
  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  Food And Baverage Production
  Hot Gas / Dust Filtration
  Gas Sparger
  Catalyst Recovery
  Carbon Filtration    
  Material Of Conatruction ...   Micron Ratings ...

Media : SS 316L sintered POROUS metal.
End Caps : SS316L


0.5, 1.0, 3.0 5.0 10, 20, 40, 60 and 75 micron liquid particle retention is typically 98.0% efficient at the stipulated pore size.

  Maximum Differential Pressure   Dimension ...

Forward : 150 psid @ 700F
Backwa rd : 50 psid @ 7000F


Diameters Available : 2 inch, 2112 inch, 3 inch
Length Available : lO", 20" 30" and 40"


  Filtration Area ...  
Cleaning ...

0.65 sq. ft. per nominal 10 inch
(25 em.) cartridge



The ideal application use a solvent compatible with stainless steel that will dissolve the contaminant, insoluble contaminants may be removed by back flushing. Application cleaning procedures are specific to the contaminants. May be cleaned chemically, Mechanically or thermally. Contact FINIX FILTERS for further information about the process.

  Filter Housing ...   Product Ordering ...

A complete line of stainless steel filter vessels is available from FINIX FILTERS. This include single element, low pressure multi cartridge ASME Code and high pressure ASME code vessels.


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