Reusable Filter Elements, Finsint Flow - Reusable Filter Elements, Reusable Filter Cartridges, Finsint Flow Filter Cartridge, Mumbai, India
Reusable Filter Elements, Finsint Flow - Reusable Filter Elements, Reusable Filter Cartridges, Finsint Flow Filter Cartridge, Mumbai, India

Reusable Filter Elements


Finsint Flow - Reusable Filter Elements

Reusable Filters Cartridges are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications. Made entirely of S. S. 304, SS 316, Hastalloy, Titanium, Monel, Inconel and many special material.

Sintered powder metal elements produced by cold isostatic pressing for the compaction process. Sintered porous metal means bonding of powder particles through diffusion at temperature well below the melting point. Sintering gives the high porosity material its shape stability and properties of a metallically strong component. This media are used for FINSINT FLOW ELEMENTS. FINSINT FLOW ELEMENTS with maximum permeability and high dirt holding capacity. This elements are used in various chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Reusable Series Elements are designed for the use in standard commercially available Filter housing. Filter elements are available in 10, 20, 30 or 40 inch length.

Finsint Flow - Reusable Filter Elements

  Typical Applications ...   Advantages ...
Catalyst Separation & Recovery
  Self supporting construction withstand high differential pressure at higher temperature.
Filtration of Liquids
  High heat resistance and thermal stability upto 1000 0C
Filtration of Gases
  High permeability by low pressure drop.
Aerosol Separation
  Definable separation by exact definable pore size distribution.
  Chemical resistance against acids and caustic solutions in various ranges of PH.
Water Filtration
  The variety of utilized material are weldable, solderable and machineable.
  Material Of Conatruction ...   Micron Ratings ...

Media : SS 316L sintered POROUS metal.
End Caps : SS316L


0.5, 1.0, 3.0 5.0 10, 20, 40, 60 and 75 micron
liquid particle retention is typically 98.0% efficient at the stipulated pore size.

  Maximum Differential Pressure   Dimension ...

Forward : 150 psid @ 700F
Backward : 50 psid @ 700F


Diameters Available : 2 inch, 2112 inch, 3 inch
Length Available : 10", 20" 30" and 40"

  Filtration Area ...  
Cleaning ...

0.65 sq. ft. per nominal 10 inch (25 cm.) cartridge


The ideal application use a solvent compatible with stainless steel that will dissolve the contaminant, insoluble contaminants may be removed by back flushing. Application cleaning procedures are specific to the contaminants. May be cleaned chemically, Mechanically or thermally. Contact FINIX FILTERS for further information about the process.

  Filter Housing ...   Product Ordering ...

A complete line of stainless steel filter vessels is available from FINIX FILTERS. This include single element, low pressure multi cartridge ASME Code and high pressure ASME code vessels.


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